The Grand Budapest Airbnb.

Words by

Nikki Escalante

Wes Anderson fans, start booking your flights to Canada.

A themed Airbnb has popped up in Ontario, full of all the whimsical, quirky and eccentric character you see in Anderson’s films.

The aptly-named 'Mr. Anderson’s House' showcases a love for the iconic director, with each room themed after a different flick.

Shotgun the first bedroom if you loved Royal Tenenbaums - it comes complete with purple walls, coloured frames and Margot’s fur coat. The second bedroom channels Moonrise Kingdom through its camp-like interior. Meanwhile, the living room takes inspiration from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

You can also make some tea in the Darjeeling Limited-themed kitchen, and sip it in the home office inspired by Rushmore.

Everything in the 100-year-old home is symmetrical and colourful, paying homage to Anderson’s penchant for bright palettes.

The house accommodates four people and is in close proximity to shops and the beach.

If you’re interested in staying, it's priced at around $240AUD a night.


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