Could not be more excited.

Words by

Elle O'Donnell

If you’re a '90s kid you will no doubt remember Disney favourite, Life-Size.

It's pretty much the best kids movie ever, where a baby-faced Lindsay Lohan (in her undoubted prime), turned her Eve doll into a real person and out strutted Tyra Banks looking fierce and smizing and complimenting all the vertically challenged. You know, what Tyra does best. 

And now, what seems like a billion years later, she has dropped a bomb.

Tyra has confirmed that Life-Size 2 is happening.

Well it's in the works, we're at script-reading stage people. And the sequel is expected to hit screens by Christmas 2016.

Sadly, Lindsay Lohan is not set to make an appearance, but that doesn't mean we're any less pumped. We'll keep you updated with news as it unravels, so watch this space.

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