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Giulia Brugliera

This is news that’s so bad it’s good. Or so good it’s bad. We can’t quite tell but we are definitely, definitely cringing.

A place with the adorable name of Sugar Land, Texas, has done the unthinkable and erected a statue of two girls taking a selfie. Right smack bang in the town square. 

An accurate representation of all girls taking selfies, the pair is slightly crouching for no particular reason, with one girl resting her hand between her legs.   

According to Sugar Land, it was created as a representation of “activities that occur in the square.” 

What’s more (bemusing? disturbing? hilarious?) is the fact the bronze sculpture cost $35,000 USD. That’s $48,279.20 in Aussie dollarydoos, otherwise known as a total waste of money. 

Fortunately it wasn’t tax dollars used in the creation of the statue. The money was donated by a local resident who obviously has more dollars than sense. And really likes a selfie. 

[Via The Cut]

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