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Because many of us are still grappling with the fact it is already Easter, we have left our chocolate shopping ’til the last minute.

But with greater awareness of ethical production, we also want to do it right. So we turned to Fairtrade for help.

Fairtrade works with 1.65 million farmers and workers to help ensure fair pay and working conditions. In addition to receiving a fair price for their cocoa, farmers receive additional funding which can be invested back into their communities and businesses.

They helped us compile a list of our fave Fairtrade companies, so you can do your Easter shopping the right way.

Pana chocolate

  • Easter pack
  • Caramel lava egg


  • Belgian organic mini Easter egg pack in 4 assorted flavours 160g


  • 3 mini bunnies with eggs 80g
  • Dark/Milk Chocolate Gift pack egg
  • Milk Chocolate bunny

Cocoa Loco

  • Easter Chicken In A Nest
  • Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Truffles
  • Mr Funny Face Easter Egg
  • Raspberry Spot Easter Egg
  • Little Chocolate Chickens
  • Raspberry Chocolate Pigs

Lindsay and Edmunds

  • Chocolate Bunny Lollipop
  • 6 Chocolate Easter Bunnies 66g
  • Hand-made Organic Belgian chocolate Milk/Dark Easter Egg

By choosing Fairtrade products, you’re enabling farmers to take control of their lives, as well as contributing to a more sustainable future for both them and you.

That’s just the gift that keeps on giving. And an excuse to eat more chocolate.


Holly Engelhardt

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