You better believe it's one of those times when mind = blown.

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Amber De Luca - Tao

We just got one step closer to living in a world as futuristic as the one predicted in Back to the Future II.

But instead of hoverboards being the coolest and most high-tech gadget out there, Zero Zero Robotics have invented a hovering device that is a little more self-absorbed. 

The Beijing start-up company basically combined two of the most defining technological trends of the 2010s – the selfie stick and the drone (a flying robot) – into one totally futuristic and niche product: the hover camera.

The camera itself is designed to be used for aerial photography and videography. You can choose to remotely control the drone with an Android or Apple device via its app, or set it to follow subjects’ faces using its Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor technology.

In terms of its level of safety, it rates very highly. The propellors of the camera are completely covered by a carbon fibre frame, meaning that you won’t risk slicing your fingers trying to grab it.

The self-timer function on our cameras and mobile phones is officially redundant.


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