Words by

Marina Solomon

What started as a handful of people posting photos on Instagram with weird pictures of their bare feet propped up on random items has exploded, thanks to the help of the hashtag, #heelconcept.

The idea is that you create a high heel type shoe by arching your foot on any object you deem interesting or creative, snapping a picture and tagging it with #heelconcept.

The very first post came along when Misty Pollen (@m.sty on Instragram), an artist and textile designer propped a foot onto a figure and decided it made the perfect photo for Instagram.

For people obsessed with shoes and love to play dress ups, or anybody with a foot-fetish, this is obviously a dream come true, however for people who detest feet... shield your eyes. A glance at these photos makes us super confused and just not sure how to feel...




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