The things I wish I'd known.

Words by

Tara Smith

In the last year I fulfilled my teenage fantasy of moving out of home. I packed up all my belongings and moved to the big smoke, pursuing my dreams of not making my bed and eating whatever I want.

Life was peachy. I was spending up big on new furniture and couldn’t wait to spend every day living with my best friends.

Aaaaand then four days in, I was robbed.

While this was a huge punch in the face, I like to think of it as life’s personal welcoming party.

It taught me that life is tough. So to better prepare others taking that faithful leap, I’ve collated a list of everything I’ve learnt since moving out of home. 

It kind of feels like an extended sleepover with your friends for the first couple of weeks

It’s bloody awesome. We had movie screenings every night and there was no one around to tell us to shut up. The new age sleepover club.

Turns out you need a fair bit of money to move out

No wardrobes in your new pad? Better buy a clothes rack. How about a washing machine? Microwave? DISH RACK?!

There is an infinite amount of items you forget you need, until you’re desperately trying to iron your clothes with a hair straightener.


Who knew I could spend half a week’s pay in the supermarket on ridiculous items that should really come with the house. Laundry powder? Dishwashing tablets? Maybe I’ll go sans washing.

Make sure your house survives the inevitable housewarming

Note: important.

Always budget

I’ve endured moments of sheer panic upon realising I had $10 to get me through the rest of the week. I’ve legitimately lived on bread for a week.

Choose your housemates wisely

Living with friends is awesome, just make sure you’re comfortable enough to take them to task when they piss you off, because they will. Also note, clean friends are invaluable.

You will get better at it

You’ll learn to pay your bills on time, budget your money away like a squirrel and start to live like a normal functioning adult. I even make my bed every day (you win, mum).

My number one tip? Just try not to get robbed.

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