Following the success of its debut collection, Sebastian Says is back with a second range. 

In its latest drop, the Melbourne-based label continues to explore different textiles, this time in the form of Piñatex jackets and collars.

Humans have been enjoying the benefits of leather alternative, Piñatex, for over a year now, so it’s about time that our doggos got in on the action. Sebastian Says is the first brand to use the material for pet accessories, so they’re championing un-chartered territory. But given its cruelty-free, we're pretty sure your pups will approve. 

Made from pineapple leaf fibre, Piñatex is not only better for Mother Earth, but also provides pineapple farmers with an alternative source of income.  

Despite the change in textile, the range still incorporates the original Sebastian Says branding (the trademark S) and solid brass hardware. 

All pineapple collars and coats are available exclusively online.

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