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The Snacket.

Words by

Eliza Sholly

If you’re a 21st century human, you’ve no doubt faced the dilemma that comes when you’re extremely hungry, but without a bag to store your snacks.

Because we are a publication for the people, we thought we would alert you to the existence of the masterpiece that is the snack jacket (snacket.)

Made entirely from ziplock bags, this contraption is here to save you in any snack-related emergency.

Wearers are able to stuff the insides with nuggets, pizza, tacos, cereal, sandwiches, doughnuts. Whatever their heart desires really. Perhaps rig up a straw device for a smoothie/juice situation?

The snacket is the work of creative GENIUS and future entrepreneur Diane Thach, who was recognised after tumblr use j4ya posted pics of the device with the caption:


This is a moment where enthusiastic caps were 100% necessary.

Now, I hate to play devil’s advocate, but speaking directly to Diane and the snacket production team, may I make some constructive criticism?

In the next rollout phase of manufacturing, which I have no doubt will come soon, might I suggest a slight design alteration. At the moment, the snacket is clear, meaning people may see your snacks, and ipso facto, ask you to share. And what are you left with? A clear jacket with zero snacks. What we really need is a covert, camouflaged snacket - hiding your prized possessions from the prying eyes of greedy moochers. This would make for a perfect world.

For now, however, we mere mortals are left with Diane’s masterpiece as a figment of our imagination. Life can be so cruel.

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