What working life was like with the enigmatic designer.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

Anyone who knows anything about Martin Margiela knows that the designer remains one of fashion’s greatest mysteries.

Well not for long, it seems. In an exclusive that landed over the weekend, Dazed has announced that a Margiela documentary is on the way. 

Titled We Margiela, the film will explore what working life was like with the enigmatic designer, interviewing those who formed part of his close collective. Most excitingly, the lineup includes Martin’s business partner, Jenny Meirens, who tells of the duo’s desire to go against the system of fashion.

Many of those present in the label’s early days will also speak for the first time. It looks to be pretty comprehensive, featuring interviews with Axel Keller (sales), Inge Grognard (makeup artist), Grace Fisher (model), members of the design team and even workers at his Italian factory.

A We Margiela spokesperson said of the film:

“The house of Margiela is, of course, known for its ‘We’. They were a perfect group to ask all these questions. We knew they were always quite hidden, didn’t give any interviews, so we at the beginning didn’t suspect we would get into the group and story this far. During the development of the film, the story became very much the genesis of the house. Because there are so few films on the house it was obvious that our film would also become the story of the house of Margiela, its relevance and of course how it ended.”

In arguably even better news, the release to be accompanied by a book of the same name. It will give an even deeper look into the house of Margiela, featuring the interviews and documents collected for the film. 

And if you simply just cannot wait (us), the We Margiela team has set up a limited mailing list. Sign up here and the crew will send out three numbered Margiela envelopes to your designated address, over three months before the film’s release. Each envelope features texts from transcripts of interviews as well as printed photographs from the filming, depicting the most special items from the Margiela archives.

We Margiela also has its own Instagram page, where regular clips are being posted. 

The film is set for release later this year.

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