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Giulia Brugliera

Let's play a little game. It's called Spot the Difference. You know it, you played it as a kid. And you're about to play it again.

Why? Because a new retailer launched last month and it's causing a stir.

But it's kind of hard to tell why. 

Yeah sure, pretty much everything featured on the site is minimal, wearable, not overly expensive and cool. This is great and all, but hardly newsworthy.

So why is Coverstory getting so much coverage? Why are people losing their minds? 


Because Coverstory is stocking sizes 12 to 26. 

Big bloody whoop. It shouldn't be a big deal that a retailer actually sells cool clothes over a size 12, but it is. The reality is, very few retailers are offering something decent to cater to a market that doesn't fit into a sample size (which is most of us, tbh).

We refuse to use the P word, because it's not the defining feature of Coverstory. It's this skirt, these earrings and this dress that are making Coverstory so great.

So off you go, on your way. Did you spot the difference? Barely. 


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