Words by

Veronica Stanford

For the past couple of years now, Baby-G has been re-earning its stripes, establishing itself as more than just the iconic ’90s watch (forever in our hearts).

Well as of today, the brand has taken it next level. 

In news that’s making us very happy, Baby-G has teamed up with Romance Was Born for a capsule watch collab.

The exclusive-to-Australia drop is nothing like the Baby-G you know, bringing us two limited edition watches in both a candy pink and white/baby blue iteration.

Both models feature your fave Baby-G features – like complete water and shock resistance – with decorative bands designed by Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett of RWB. Adding to the romanticism of the collection, each watch comes in its own wooden jewellery box, complete with watch-matching gold foil prints.

Only a run of 100 will be released per design. At $299 each, you’ll be wanting to ready your wallet and nab one as soon as they drop.


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