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Veronica Stanford

All hope is not lost. In great news, it’s been announced that American Apparel is set to return to the world of e-commerce.

The troubled retailer – which was bought out by Canadian activewear company, Gildan, earlier this year – is set to relaunch its website within the next two weeks.

According to Bloomberg, the site will carry a wide range of AA classics, including jeans, which means disco pants may be set for a comeback.

It does look like the brand will be dropping its iconic ‘Made in the USA’ slogan, however, with reports stating that production will be moving abroad.

It’s said that American Apparel will work with a few third-party manufacturers in the US on select items, which are expected to be sold for a premium.

The brand has also begun selling foreign-made blank basics to wholesalers to boost revenue. Wholesalers are then able to use AA pieces as the basis for their own prints (in a similar manner to AS Colour). Despite the production move, AA is still marketing itself as 'ethically-made and sweatshop free'.

For now, it seems the new website will launch in the States only but don't despair. Gildan’s CEO, Glenn Chamandy, has said we can expect to see AA re-launch internationally next year.

“We’re going to continue to focus on our distribution. We’re going to focus on our direct to consumer. We’re going to expand internationally. We think that this could be quite big as we go forward.”



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