Only with a designer bag, of course.

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Bianca O'Neill

Street style in Australia has always been an interesting game. 

The distinct differences between attending fashion weeks in Sydney and Melbourne can mostly be seen in the quality of street style out the front. Melbourne may hold the crown for “most stylish city” but when you look at the street style at fashion week? Sydney certainly takes the cake.

Last week, after Street Smith wrote about the lacklustre turnout for inspired street style looks in Melbourne at VAMFF, it was interesting to go back and note the images that DID do the rounds.

A dearth of creativity and an abundance of expensive bags made up the large majority of street style images, and it begs the question: since when did WAGS in pretty dresses (that they don’t actually own) become the gold standard of styling in Australia?

Street style, unlike the red carpet game, is all about creativity in styling – how can you take new season pieces and spin them on their heads with a fresh perspective? How can you show that what you’re doing can influence how others dress? After all, that’s the entire reason most of us are in the fashion game – to give new takes on old ideas.

The problem in Melbourne at fashion week, every year, is always the celebrity component. Our #frow can take on the distinct air of the Brownlows in attendance (and occasionally in style). Well, what can you expect when a Real Housewife comes to a runway show?

The other problem is that our celebs are mostly being styled by the same people, in the same way, every time – and I use the term ‘styled’ loosely. Is putting a WAG in a pretty body-con dress with standard heels and an expensive clutch really styling? I’d argue no. 

They can do that themselves, mostly to the same effect.

To the stylists out there, we’re looking to you for something inspiring. Something that catches our eye, without the tried and tested YSL monogram. What are you doing to make that body-con dress any different from picking it up off the shelves? How are you changing our perspective on what’s hot this season? 

After all, I know all these stylists CAN style – they style themselves in interesting, unique outfits all the time. 

But perhaps that’s the problem… In an influencer age, when the stylist becomes the celebrity, perhaps they’re keeping all the good stuff for themselves.

Follow Bianca’s street style journey (in desperate need of professional styling) over at @_thesecondrow.

Illustration by Twylamae.

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