"It's called fashion, look it up."

Sometimes a designer will send a model down the runway in a look that sparks a conversation and causes a stir. At times this might be to create buzz or to fulfil their artistic vision. At other times, well we don't really know...

We put together a shortlist of our favourite ever runway moments that left us with a 'please explain' and stifling a snigger.

But as the designers would probably tell you, it's called fashion. Look it up.

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Blue skies and sunshine.
Straight from the Italian Riviera.
It seriously makes me question the term ‘influencer’.
Migraines and head colds just don't cut it anymore.
Backstage with REDKEN.
Help because we are freaking out right now.
They aren't holding anything back...
Inspired by warmth, skin, masking layers and woven textures.
A list of the stranger fash collabs out there.
Because you just don't get the credit you deserve.
Who said you have to be good at art to be an artist?
Cronut : [kroh-nuh t, -nuht] def : a brand name for a pastry made from croissant dough that has been deep-fried and shaped into...
Melbourne Fashion Festival off to a fiery start.
See Flanders repping Yeezy and Bart looking steez.
A humbling first collection following the designer's death.
Because you shouldn't feel out of place, even when you can't afford it.
"Kim, all these furs have to be long enough to be draggin' on the floor."
It's been a pretty spectacular year on the catwalk.
Polyvore's most popular this year.
Because hanging decorations on Christmas trees is so 2013...
A runway of graduate proportions.
Not since Zoolander v Hansel have we seen a walk-off this intense.
Nike just did it and it was pretty rad.