A phallus of biblical proportions.

Words by

Boris Hall

Tom Ford has stirred quite a bit of controversy this week with the release of his crucifix-inspired phallus necklace.

So apparently putting a penis on the cross and then selling it right in the lead up to Christmas is going to piss off a few Christians... Who would have thought? 

No stranger to controversy, Tom Ford seems unphased by the outrage directed towards his penis pendant, but Christians the world over have set themselves on an ethical crusade. As usual, Twitter is the chosen outlet for expressing moral outrage, though so far Tom Ford has not seen the need to repent or confess his sins. 

If you or someone you know appreciates phalli on a holy level, the handmade necklaces are available in gold and silver at $790. And if you a firm believer that size does in fact matter, they come in small, medium or large. 



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