Mndatory has looked to Western Australia’s Pinnacles Desert for its Autumn/Winter collection.

Inspired by the landscape’s limestone spires and shifting sand, the label's palette takes its cues from the natural environment.

Each piece in the Fata Morgana collection has been designed to reflect the desert’s fluid transformations and ever-changing nature.

You’ll find coats, jackets, trousers and shirts that aren’t defined by their design, rather the wearer’s moods and style.

“A garment is not defined by me or the brand, but it’s up to the person who wears it as to how they see it,” explains Mndatory creative director, Brian Huynh.

“A coat can be worn in many ways, but it’s always the same coat, it’s the person who wears it that makes the garment.”

You can shop the new range online now.

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