Vege Threads is an Australian eco fashion label, with a strong focus on sustainability and social awareness. Endorsed by Ethical Clothing Australia, their new Australian-made collection uses Australian dyed and made organic cotton as well as the relatively new and plant based fabric, tencel.

The collection is minimal, raw and sustainable but remains classic and luxe in its aesthetic.  Vege Threads hopes to show those who wear their clothes what they can draw from nature and what they can learn from it, apart from just an amazing outfit.

So where better to set up their new headquarters than with Open Studio ADL. It's a workshop, retail and gallery space that has become a home for sustainable fashion and homewares with a refined, minimalist aesthetic and an emphasis on nature, the environment and the use of natural materials.

Vege Threads' latest collection can be found in the shop section of the Studio ADL website, alongside B Goods Label. 

They've also got great news. The new collective collection has just been accepted into a Paris fair trade show, Who's Next. It marks the next stage of this growing sustainable label, who are reaching out to you guys to help fund this opportunity

Having already done collaborations with Lisa Mitchell, BB shoes and Naomi Murrell, Open Studio ADL and Who's Next are the next step in raising awareness for not only their brand, but for sustainable fashion too.

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