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Mon Purse

Company: Mon Purse
Job title: Product Manager/ Technical Operations Lead
Location:  Sydney
Employment type: Full-time

Job description

At Mon Purse, we are more than a shopping destination. Mon Purse is a global Omni channel leader in mass customisation, one step ahead of the game. Based in Sydney, we are one of the most talked about brands in Australia, having built an iconic brand and cult following.

We are so many things. We carry our life in our bag. Designed by the customer, made in Europe, and worn around the world - this is Mon Purse. Customers design and monogram their handbags and leather goods on line or in store.

We are about creating an unforgettable customer experience whilst continuing to innovate by combining fashion with technology. We have a ground-breaking team that privileges creativity, excellence and innovation.

Currently on a trajectory of growth, every day we are working on making ourselves bigger and better at what we do. As a member of our team, you will experience a flat organizational structure with access to professional development and learning. Your career path will not be set in stone, and you will have unlimited potential for growth.

We are seeking the best talent out there, and only hire the best. The creatively innovative, the technically insightful, the driven, the self-managed, the value conscious, the caring, and the gracious person – these are the qualities that we look for, along with a love and a passion for the work that we do.

What we value in our team members
1. Be an Intrapreneur (entrepreneurs within a company).
We value team members who use their business skills and creative abilities to assist us in staying at the top of our game.

2. Be a Disruptor
As a team member, we encourage you to take an idea and run with it. Be open-minded and flexible, be inspired by innovation and unafraid of failure.

3. Passion
This life is not a dress rehearsal, you have one chance at it and you will get out of it what you put in. At Mon Purse, we want you to be passionate about what you do, inspire those around you, be aligned with who we are and what we do. Deeply care about the success of Mon Purse, this passion inside of you will drive you to become the very best you can be and as a result will add to the team’s success

4. Stepping Up
Stepping up is about being in control of your world and taking ownership for your own experiences. At Mon Purse we want to support you to step up by consciously being the best that you can be and serving your customer to the best of your ability. Being accountable and in control will allow you to achieve magnificent results.

In this senior Product Manager/ Technical Operations Lead hybrid role, you will sit across Product Management and Technical Operations.

Key Areas of responsibility

  • To drive trade and have complete ownership and responsibility of the optimisation/performance of monpurse.com
  • Ensure the site is visually merchandised for optimal sales results
  • Be data driven
  • Product Management will comprise 80% of the role - owning the site performance and working with the UX/Analyst and Graphic Designer. You will have direct reports including the UX/Analyst role and GD. As the team grows, you will be required to hire additional team members.
  • Technical Operations Lead will comprise 20% of the role. This is including the management of the workflow of a small Tech team. This will involve reporting weekly to the CEO on the Tech team’s progress (via JIRA), ensuring projects are on time/track. You will be required to have basic project management skills.

What will I be doing?

  • You will report directly to the CEO
  • You will work closely with the head of Digital Marketing, COO – Operations/Product and the Tech team.
  • Your main focus will be assisting our customers to make informed decisions about our product, maintaining the best interactions possible, with a key focus on results.
  • You will ensure customer centricity in all that you do in order to continuously exceed expectations and delight our customer
  • You will contribute to the team’s strategy
  • You will continually strive for improvement through existing and new initiatives to increase engagement and or revenue
  • You will share customer insights with the team by keeping all stakeholders in the loop
  • You will continuously be data driven
  • You will maintain a groomed product backlog in JIRA
  • You will generate user stories and success metrics, including formulating experiments, clarifying hypothesis, reporting results using the Build, Measure, Learn principles
  • You will create executable requirements using actionable metrics - backlog should contain: Purpose, Hypothesis, Experiment, Success Criteria
  • Ensure documentation around major projects and experiments are capture
  • and maintained on Confluence
  • You will ensure an end to end customer experience is maintained

Skills you will need to be successful in this role:

  • You will be passionate about ecommerce and/or be fashion and technology savvy
  • Understand business metrics
  • You will need to be proactive, demonstrating initiative whilst you check in with key stakeholders.
  • You will be a problem solver and a key influencer
  • An expert in communication and negotiation skills
  • Relationship building skills are essential
  • You will be tremendously organized, demonstrating passion, leadership and commitment
  • Demonstrate attention to detail, paired with strong planning and organizational skills
  • Be highly motivated
  • Have proven analytical skills and be data driven
  • Be results focused and passionate about what you do and achieving results
  • You will have 5-8 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Experience working within smaller organisations and/ or start-ups ideally in the fashion space
  • Tertiary qualifications desired

If successful, you will work with a very close knit team driven by a joint passion for achieving greatness in everything that we do. We pride ourselves on open communication, respect for one another and supporting each other to achieve our goals.

This is a huge opportunity with unlimited potential for growth.

We will continuously exceed expectations and delight our customer, whilst changing the retail technology space and loving it. We are looking for the best talent! If this excites you, please apply below.

Apply here.

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