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Wading your way through the world of make-up products can be an overwhelming task. It’s one that can really only be achieved through a (rather expensive) trial and error process and it's a process that tends to last a good decade or so.

So we thought we’d share our favourite products, making that hunt for the perfect beauty set just a little bit easier.

NYX Make Up Setting Spray in Dew Finish: sprayed lightly after both foundation and again after bronzer, this product has never failed to prolong my make-up for hours on end. Gone are the days of arriving home in the wee hours of the morning to look in the mirror and find that my face is probably the reason I arrived home by myself...

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream: initially I applied this creamy substance to an unruly scar across my torso, however after many YouTube tutorials I have found it doubles as an eyeshadow creamifier, skin smoother and eyelash lacquer for a more dewy effect. 

Nars Velvet lip pencil in Bahama: Bahama isn't an 'oh, I think I'm going to wear lipstick for just one time tonight' thing...it's a way of life. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish: I quickly learnt this powder illuminator, when applied properly (cheekbones, forehead, chin, lip, nose), can take a face from dull to dazzling in a matter of holy swipes.

Veronica J.
Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water: makes washing your face when you’re drunk heaps easier!

Savvy eyebrow pencil: it’s cheap but it’s a great colour and can double as an eyeshadow on the run (I just bought their eyebrow palette for $8 so I’ll see how that goes).

The Base Lip To Cheek Tint in peach and pink: they’re creamy which means they’re easy to apply, and there's just enough colour that it looks natural.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara Flared: it curls eyelashes at the same time as coating them, which is good if you're like me and can never be bothered whipping out the curler. I ALWAYS go back to this.

Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Shade No.5: this lip crayon is the epitome of my rose gold obsession. A gorgeous peachy nude, it has a gold shimmer that looks like magic.

Duo False Eyelash Adhesive: this stuff is hardcore, it's like the superglue of all eyelash glues. It dries clear and there's no need to keep it on hand for an emergency reapply. Never again will you have to carry around those tiny cheap glass vials of glue that come with the eyelashes. You know, the ones that smell like fish and end up smashing in your bag? Yep, never again.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer: because as Napoleon Perdis says, "not to prime is a crime." It creates the perfect base for your make-up while keeping your skin happy and hydrated. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20: my go-to summer foundation for when I don't feel like wearing foundation (read: every day). It's lightweight, but still offers good coverage. It'll keeps your face looking dewy (but not sticky) all day long. 

Label.m Texturising Volume Spray: the one hair product I consistently use. It's texturising, but also kind of works like a dry shampoo. 

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumising Gel: this is my absolute holy grail. Makes your brows look 10x thicker.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion: SUPER moisturising. I got compliments on how dewy my skin looked when I started using this.

Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil in Pale Rider: the ideal colour match to define my brows.

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer: three friends and I use this with completely different skin tones and somehow it's the perfect colour for all of us.

Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide facial scrub: it's a men's scrub (it smells like concrete) and has the perfect amount of grit.

NYX Make Up Setting Spray in Dew Finish: cheap as chips and leaves you with the pefect dewy (but not shiny) glow. Also helps your make-up stay.

Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation: this is the bomb. Gives you a dewy finish but not like sweaty dewy. More like, 'I just drank a green juice and health is a lifestyle' dewy. It's also heavy enough to cover anything (cya concealer), but on those lazy days I'll just blend in a little to smooth out my skin. It's also tough enough that when I touch my face all day (hello office job) it won't rub off. Oh AND one bottle lasts forever. 

Veroncia S.
Ella Baché Intensive Balancing Lotion: I’ve only just started using this little baby but I’m already in love. I don’t use moisturiser anymore and my skin is looking much healthier. Goodbye redness, hello godess.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: I used to suck at doing foundation, it was always patchy and uneven and I looked like a clown. Well not anymore. Now I can do make-up like a semi-normal person and that's a big improvement.

Besame 1930 Tango Red Lipstick: not only is the packaging absolutely gorgeous, this little guy is really durable and rarely needs a touch up.

NARS The Multiple Copacobana illuminating stick: it's soft, creamy and incredibly easy to apply. Tbh it's a very therapeutic product to play with.

Besame Cerise And Red Masterliner Lip Pencil: you really can't go wrong with a brand that specialises in vintage make-up. Because the liner is a dark shade of red, it adds a depth of colour to my lips.

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